Day Three

For my third go around on my 20% project, I wanted to take a closer look at more specific websites and apps for the four major subject areas that I am interested in. The four areas are going to be as followed:


Khan Academy- Khan Academy has a multitude of areas that one can learn from, but most of the lessons are for a slightly older crowd. I do find their math, more specifically the early math, sections to be helpful to children in elementary schools. This website is fun because it is a visual through videos that helps the student understand concepts in math. The videos are simple and the are essentially “put together” while you are watching, which adds a cool effect I believe.

Hooda Math- Hooda Math is a website that has all kinds of games that are all math based. This website is specifically for math games, so children have the opportunity to pick from a multitude of games for any skill or interest.

Counting Caterpillar- This app would be useful for younger children in elementary schools or possibly students that are having difficulty with counting. It is colorful and captivating to make learn to count more enjoyable!


Science for Kids- This website is all about science and it utilizes many tools to accomplish this. There are games, videos, lessons, and even instructions to projects and experiments that can be done in a classroom or at home. Fun science facts make this website just that much more cool!

Kids Science: Amazing Human Body- This is an app that lets elementary school children begin learning about the body and the science behind it. There are many interactive features of this app so that children can stay involved in their learning.

Thinkin’ Science- This software that is now available as an app in the iTunes store brings interactivity and science together in a way that children enjoy and are able to learn a lot about the world around them from. Plus, it is really cute!

Language Arts:

Wacky Web Tales- This website is a fun, interactive website that allows students to decipher between language devices in order to make up a silly story. Similar to ‘Mad Libs”, these stories are random, as the student picks a random word and it is then inserted into the story without the students knowledge of what the ply is about. I think this would be a fun way for students to begin categorizing words into the list of language devices that is not dull and boring.

Puzzlemaker- I thought that this would be a good tool to use to make puzzles that can help with spelling words, sight words, or any other list of words that students may need to know. It is easy and free so that even students could potentially use it for a project or as a study aid.

SpellBoard– This app lets a student or teacher type up their own list of spelling words and then the app does the rest! Students can then engage in a word search, missing letter puzzle, word scramble, and more with this app so that they can use a different way to study their words each night!

Social Studies:

Go Social Studies Go- This website is full of everything from American history to World history. Within each category, there are even more categories dealing with a specific period of time in history. Being a history buff, this website seems like one I could spend hours on. With easy navigation, this might be a good website for students to go to while doing a research paper.

Social Studies for Kids- While not the most colorful and interactive, this website does have a lot of social studies readings and material that would do a student well when doing a project or essay in their social studies class.

News-O-Matic- This app allows students to get up-to-date news that is age appropriate and easy to use in a safe way. This would be a great app to have in a classroom so that students can stay in touch with what is around them in a very innovative way.


One thought on “Day Three

  1. I am an Early Childhood Education major as well, so I loved reading your blog. I think you found some great resources for kids to use. I think it is important to familiarize elementary students with various forms of technology since their experience with it and the necessity of skill will only increase as they advance to higher grades. I also think that integrating several different technological tools can help you introduce resources, experiences, and information to your classroom that you simply cannot find without the integration of technology.

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