Day Two

For my first time working on my 20% project, I wanted to go through and find a few websites and apps that would be useful in an elementary school classroom. The majority of the ones that I found this round can be used in almost all four areas of the standards and are not specific to one area. Later on in the project, I will attempt to find websites specifically for them.


Arcademic Skill Builders:

This website combines academic learning and an arcade to make learning enjoyable! Not only can children play games to enhance their math and language arts skills, but there is also an option to play multiplayer to increase communication and collaboration.


This is a website that is focused around literacy. There are many tools that can be downloaded from the website, included guided reading, activities, and worksheet. The site is made specifically for Pre-K through 1st grade, so any older children would need another website. One perk of this website, though, is that they also offer content for ESL learners! This was another aspect that drew me to this site.

BrainPOP Jr.:

BrainPOP Jr. is a version of BrainPOP for K-3rd grade children. I used BrainPOP a lot in schools and it was also so fun because it was interactive. Not only does BrainPOP Jr. offer interactive games, they also have all the content areas covered while giving children even more to chose from and explore! The characters associated with BrainPOP are memorable and I can think of many ways that they can be continuously incorporated into a classroom.


ABCMouse for schools is free and supports the common core standards! ABCMouse incorporates all of the subject areas in a fun and creative way, all while offering a safe way for students to be on the internet. It offers pathways that each child can embark on and move through them at their own pace, which adds to the interactive portion of the website. I really liked this site because of the fact that it incorporates the standards and reinforces what students need to know for a test.



PopGeo is an app that can be used for a social studies lesson that be used to learn about maps, learn about states, and learn about important facts in the states. This is a great way for children to become familiar with geography in an interactive way. The only downfall about this app is that it is based solely in the US. Students would have to use another app to learn about the rest of the world.

Interactive Time Telling:

This app is for younger children who are working on being able to tell time. It is interactive so that children can learn the difference between day and night, as well as what the different hands and numbers on a clock mean. I find this app to be really cute and easy to use for a smaller child learning to tell time in their math class.


Rover seemed like a cool concept because it is a whole browser for teachers and students that filter the Internet and brings about educational content. These are all flash based activities and videos, which is useful for an iPhone or iPad because flash is not normally supported on these devices.


SpellingCity is a fun app that helps children with their spelling through a variety of games and activities that are specific to different ages. With this app, students can log into their account and have everything they need for their work as it is updated by their teacher. This is a wonderful app to bring the classroom into the home to continue learning after school hours!


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